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We are in this together! At Tipton we are a family first and foremost. From day one we have continued to provide support to our families as well as our community. We did not hesitate to put the physical, emotional, or academic needs at the forefront of our processes. We have continued to do that through meal service, educational support, and planning for the 20-21 school year. Read updates, plans, and join our family journey.

COVID-19 Response


Tipton provides a wide variety of student activities, from sporting events, to music and performing arts. Want to find out when the next report card comes out or when the next day off is? You'll find that here too!

View our Current School Year Calendar

View our Current GSRP School Year Calendar


We are excited to start planning your child's future! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tiger and joining the Tipton family! 
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Why Choose Tipton Academy?

Tipton Academy, in partnership with students, staff, parents and community members will challenge all students to realize their full potential by providing them with the highest quality educational program and cultural experiences. The vision of Tipton Academy is to help all students become successful learners and prepare for the future.

Tipton Academy represents “team spirit” and “positive partnerships” with students and families,
all school staff and members of the community.

The teaching staff is keenly aware that they must be positive role models and caring instructors and exhibit characteristics such as integrity, creativity, loyalty, responsibility, honesty, and intelligence that are valued by all stakeholders.

Tipton Academy children develop a responsible role and make contributions in a democratic society through a strong curriculum that challenges each of them to reach his or her potential.



Parents Comments

"I'm a first responder and just now getting a chance to acknowledge how well Tipton has come together and really have been on top of the Covid-19 school shut down. Y'all rocked it and seriously were weeks ahead of most other schools in the area. You guys implemented and applied resources quickly and very effectively. In a time where things caught all of us off guard you all need to be recognized. I wish I could have sent this to you much sooner, but it's been a very busy and stressful past couple of months and I just couldn't get the time. Thank you for all that you and your staff have been doing in these hard times!" ~ Tipton Parent

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