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Tipton provides a wide variety of student activities, from sporting events, to music and performing arts. Want to find out when the next report card comes out or when the next day off is? You'll find that here too!

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We can't believe we are already planning for next school year, but the time is here.  Beginning March 12, 2021,  Tipton Academy will begin our Open Enrollment process for the 2021-2022 school year.  This two week "open-enrollment" period will conclude on March 26, 2021.  

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2021-2022 Open Enrollment Form


Why Choose Tipton Academy?

Tipton Academy, in partnership with students, staff, parents and community members will challenge all students to realize their full potential by providing them with the highest quality educational program and cultural experiences. The vision of Tipton Academy is to help all students become successful learners and prepare for the future.

Tipton Academy represents “team spirit” and “positive partnerships” with students and families, all school staff and members of the community.

The teaching staff is keenly aware that they must be positive role models and caring instructors and exhibit characteristics such as integrity, creativity, loyalty, responsibility, honesty, and intelligence that are valued by all stakeholders.

Tipton Academy children develop a responsible role and make contributions in a democratic society through a strong curriculum that challenges each of them to reach his or her potential.