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The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is Michigan's state-funded preschool program for four-year-old children with factors which may place them at risk of educational failure.

Tuition Free

The program is tuition free for families of eligible children who turn 4 years of age by Dec. 1st.

4 Free full days with optional wrap around(for a fee)

Visit the office for more details concerning eligibility.

Teacher qualifications

Each classroom of 16-18 students has an experienced, highly qualified teaching staff!

Lead Teachers hold a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development.

Associate Teachers hold a minimum of a CDA, a credential in early childhood development.

A third teacher for classrooms with 17 or 18 children.

Creative Curriculum

The Creative Preschool Curriculum is based on the principles of active learning and support of a child's positive interactions with adults and peers



"The intimate setting and smaller student numbers compared to public schools affords the children the privelege of more personal attention from the teachers. Plus, the teachers are there because they want to be and it shows."
-parent of a preeschooler

"I enjoy that my daughter goes to school with a smile on her face and comes home with one. My favorite part is her class size, no more than 24!"
-parent of a 4th grader

"I have seen a serious imporvement in my daughter since she began attending Tipton. She is confident in the subjects that she previously struggled with, and she actually enjoys going to school. The small class sizes and the positive energy that come from the staff are a huge benefit."
-parent of a 5th grader


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    • The Romine Group, the employer of all persons working at Tipton Academy, offers a benefit package to it's full time, contract staff. The package of benefits includes health, dental, vision, term life, and long-term-disability. In addition, most employees are able to participate in a 401k retirement plan
    • Employee Benefits at Tipton Academy | pdf | html

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  • 181 Days

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Why Choose Tipton Academy | Enroll Michigan Charter School


The mission of Tipton Academy: Tipton Academy, in partnership with students, staff, parents and community members will challenge all students to realize their full potential by providing them with the highest quality educational program through individualized academic achievement, high morale standards, and strong family and community engagement.

The Tipton Academy Pillars of Education will be visible throughout the educational program and experience.

  1. High Moral Standards: Students will be held to high levels of moral and behavioral expectations during interactions with peers and staff members.
  2. Family and Community Engagement: We strive to have a family environment where students, staff, parents, and the community will participate in creating a lifelong value for lasting bonds, a sense of belonging, service, and community involvement that leads to student and adult success.
  3. Equitable Learning Experience: Our students will be provided an equitable education providing programs and academic experiences based on their individual needs that will help them to achieve their full academic potential.


The vision of Tipton Academy is to help all students become successful learners and prepare for the future.


  • All children must be respected and in turn learn to respect others.
  • All children can be inspired to learn by recognizing their unique gifts, talents, and modality of retrieving and using information.
  • All children learn best by engaging in real-life experiences in an atmosphere that is safe and orderly.
  • All children will be encouraged to build strong relationships, which will increase trust while positively impacting learning.
  • All staff will work as a “team” toward reaching the school’s mission and vision.
  • All stakeholders will be part of the Academy’s success by fostering a positive partnership.
  • All children can develop a responsible role and make contributions in a democratic society through a strong curriculum that challenges each of them to reach his or her potential.

Educational Philosophy

Tipton Academy represents “team spirit” and “positive partnerships” with students and families, all school staff and members of the community.

The teaching staff is keenly aware that they must be positive role models and caring instructors and exhibit characteristics such as integrity, creativity, loyalty, responsibility, honesty, and intelligence that are valued by all stakeholders.

In addition, it is very important that both the teacher and the parent communicate regularly regarding their children.  Both should be open and responsive to one another’s suggestions and concerns.

Why Chose Tipton Academy:

  • We are ONE BIG FAMILY! 
  • Highly Qualified, Certified Teachers
  • Safe/nurturing Environment
  • Small Class Sizes 
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Free 4 yr Old Preschool
  • Technology used by Teachers and Students
  • Before/After School Programs
  • Dress Code
  • Involved Parent Group/Volunteers
  • Computers/Smart Boards in all Classrooms
  • Emphasis on Character Education and Family Values
  • Music, Physical Education, Technology, Health, Foreign Language
  • Athletics 6-8 Grade | Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer, Cheerleading
  • Tutoring Program
  • Fieldtrips in all grades

1: (3:45-5) 4th/5th Activity night
2: 1/2 Day - End of quarter
8-9: Conferences -- 1/2 Days
12-16: Book Fair - in the West campus Gym
12: 50's Day - Dress in 50's clothes or uniform - bring can of food
12: (6:30) Pto Meeting
24: Santaland Parade

11 - Storytime with Santa - 3:30-5:30
10-14: Holiday Shop @ East
17-19: Holiday Shop @ West


Tipton Academy Contact Information | Phone Email Michigan Charter School

Tipton Academy East Campus

Grades Pre-K through 3rd

Administrative Assistants:  Tonya Letasz and Darlene Sensoli

Main Office:

1615 Belton St.
Garden City, MI 48135

Office Phone:  (734) 261-0500

Fax:  (734) 956-6360

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tipton Academy West Campus

Grades 4th through 8th

Administrative Assistant: Julie Leidel

29205 Florence St.
Garden City, MI 48135

Office Phone:  (734) 796-7676

Fax:  (734) 338-2367